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Our Top NYC Picks Of The Month

Our Top NYC Picks Of The Month

It goes without saying that New York City can be overwhelming. Here at Shop Gotham, we not only want to take you on the best shopping tours in the city, but we also want you to see things that are off the beaten—things only New Yorkers would know. Each month we will bring to you our Top picks of the city; whether they are places to visit, top tips and general advice that will help make your trip to the world’s greatest city, one to remember. Here it goes:

  1. Brandy’s Piano Bar, E 84th Street: An evening at a quaint bar is the perfect follow up to a shopping tour with us! Brandy’s Piano Bar on the Upper East Side is as old as New York but still makes for a fabulous evening of entertainment. Sing out loud with wonderfully talented broadway folks and enjoy a lovely drink while you are there. It certainly keeps the crowds coming! Visit: http://brandyspianobar.com/brandys1
  2. Link phone charging stations: Link have teamed up with the city to bring you very convenient charging stations. No need to worry about making sure your battery is full! You will be ready to Instagram your amazing day in the city in no time once you pitstop at one of these.4-1
  3. Alex Bittar Jewelry Sample Sale: Known for awe-inspiring costume and fine jewelry, be sure to make it down to the Alex Bittar sample sale this week on 20 W 36th St. Thurs-Sun 10am-7pm.
  4. Lace it up! Our favorite spring/summer trend is in full swing. We cannot get enough of lace-up flats—the perfect shoe to wear whilst exploring the city all day and still looking completely stylish. These are a must have! Glamour tells us more: Lace Up Flats SS166c6dea689d13043aecdf1854a9e19aba-1

Until next week,

Shop Gotham x

Don’t Skip the Bloomingdales Visitor Center – 59th Street

“Like no other store in the world” and we at Shop Gotham agree. If you are from anywhere other than NYC proper, don’t skip the Visitor Center. Here you will be treated to a variety of goodies and comforts to make your day at Bloomies more enjoyable. Lets start with a Coat check (manned by lovely people no less); nothing is more annoying than browsing racks while burrowed in your 5 pound puffy coat. Next, a One Day 15% discount pass. Surely you dont want to miss this. Maps of the store in all languages, Size Conversion charts for all countries and finally, a docking station for your battery empty cell phone. They have thought of everything and for this, we love you Bloomingdales, even more.

Student Group Shopping Tours are so much fun!

A custom shopping program took place this past Saturday in Soho. The Student Group Tour consisted of 500 students from over the world. This 4 hour tour commenced in the West Village, the historical NYC hub for music and home to the rock/folk movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Our students learned about historical landmarks, cast iron architecture, historical music venues, and major musicians and artists of that time. This tour also included a meet and greet with fashion and jewelry designers, exclusive shopping discounts at our partner stores in SoHo, as well as the exploration of the beautiful and unique Soho/Nolita neighborhoods.
If you are looking for something fun and educational to do for your students visiting NYC, let us customize a shopping tour for your student group! Rest assured, you will enjoy it too!

Shop Gotham NYC Shopping Tour Blog

We root for every new store that opens in Soho, and we’re particularly excited about K-Way.  This European brand used to be found exclusively in stores such as Neiman Marcus and J. Crew.  But now they have a flagship store right in the heart of Manhattan.  You can come visit it on the Shop Gotham Soho/Nolita tour.

K-Way is known for lightweight jackets that fold into a small pouch: perfect for travelers!   The store’s modern interior—featuring clear hanging bubble chairs for weary shoppers—reflects the brand’s clean and simple designs. Highlights include men’s reversible jackets ($79–$225), women’s full-length nylon coats ($89–$369), bucket hats ($35) and unisex nylon pants ($49–$89). K-Way will soon be collaborating with well-known designers, including Collection Privée, and these exclusive designs will be found only in the New York store.

What to Wear: Fall 2012 Special Shoe Edition

It’s that time of year, ladies!  Time to crack out the comfy sweaters and short jackets that characterize an autumn wardrobe.  At Shop Gotham we believe the secret to staying in style lies in adding new touches to last season’s classics.  Read on to find out the fall trends that will easily update your fall ensemble.

The Royal Touch:  Brocade!

Remember how over the summer you kept seeing things in native American fabrics?  While this trend was sometimes cute and cozy, it could easily turn into a fashion don’t. Luckily, Navajo is on its way out, and brocade is on its way in.  So from Asian-inspired patterns to Elizabethean bargello, feel free to feel fancy this season! Remember:  a little bit of chinoserie can go a long way.  These Dolce and Gabbana tights and heels  make for a good place to start… although only the most adventurous will pair them together!

Smoking Loafers

Another season, another excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  At least that’s how Shop Gotham sees it!   As Joanna Coles, the stunning new editor of Marie Claire, put it in her own magazine, “After a summer in high sandals, I am embracing the smoking loafer and the ankle-skimming pant.”  (This comfy attire looks great with or without the actual cigarette!)  So throw out your ballet flats, which have to be in tatters after so many  seasons, and sink your feet into a shoe that is part slipper, part sensible indulgence.

Ankle Boots

Whether slouchy or straight, stiletto or stacked, this seaon’s ankle boots have one thing in common:  sexiness!  We love boots at Shop Gotham because in addition to being consistently stylish, they are warm, sturdy and offer the option of a comfortable boost in height.   This season’s ankle booties pair well with everything from dresses to skinny jeans.   Pick up a pair on a Shop Gotham Soho tour today!

Shopping Tour Deals NYC September and October 2012

Teens come FREE (yes free) on Shop Gotham’s Soho and Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping tours in September and October 2012 (one complimentary teen ticket with each paid adult ticket). Visiting NYC ? You know your teens want to shop. Give them the gift of indie boutiques, exclusive store discounts and fashion advice. They will thank you! To book: www.shopgotham.com. code:free teen. (Tours run every Fri, Sat & Sunday morning with a maximum of 12 persons)

Things to do with teens nyc spring break. And March 31 Deal

Soho & Nolita is THE place to shop with your teens. But instead of wandering around aimlessly and missing all the good stuff, how about taking Shop Gotham’s Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping Tour this weekend. Cause there is a DEAL in Sat March 31. 15% off . To book: www.shopgotham.com. discount code: clutch

Weekly NYC Shopping Tour Deal – Shop Gotham, March 31, 2012

This week’s Deal: 15% off Shop Gotham’s Soho & Nolita Chic Boutiques Shopping Tour. To book at discount: use code: clutch. Tours max at 12 persons so book early! and get a jump on spring clothes at the coolest indie boutiques in the coolest city in the world